Are you also fed up that your work is not paid and appreciated well enough?

How to start a business with low risk and low investment that guarantees good income for you and your family, and always has a good market?

Even during recession!


Dear Sir or Madam,

  • As an employee are you frustrated that you work for somebody else, who has less knowledge and experience than you?
  • Are you fed up that somebody else makes lots of profit out of your work? He gets richer and richer every year, while you are not appreciated well enough?
  • Have you had about enough of the never ending meetings and the mindless reports?
  • Although you are well trained and experienced, you cannot get a job, only because you are older than 40?
  • You have a business, but you are tired of the killing price competition?
  • Do you feel sometimes that your bosses and customers take you as a servant rather than a partner?

Would you rather prefer doing some really useful and interesting business instead? A business, in which you'd be really appreciated, and well paid?

The solution is here in front of you! I'd like to introduce you a sophisticated methodology of a unique advisory service. That works proven on the Hungarian market since 2005, so it must work in your country as well. We invoice pretty high fees to our customers, yet they pay them with pleasure, namely we do cost reduction - for success fee!

Specifically we reduce those costs, that all managers hate the most, as they are independent from the income: the overhead costs. Currently we work with 18 different cost categories. This requires very comprehensive knowledge of the different goods and services, and their market. Nobody has this knowledge at this depth but us.

Therefore we take minimal risk when we work for success fee, because we know that we will find much money at such places where most people think that there's no more saving opportunity. No more for them, but lots for us! We find thousands of Euros at 9 companies out of 10.

Some kinds of businesses work very well in the USA and Western-Europe. And when the owners want to do the same in the East, they get surprised, that they can hardly sell anything. Because they don't understand, that the people are different, and their needs and their business culture differ too. Our model is not a simple copy of a Western business. It has been worked out and tailor made to our special "Wild-Eastern" market. If it works here, it will work in your country as well.

Please note, that I do not promise you getting rich fast! If this is your goal, than you must find something else. What I offer: after purchasing the know-how, and the startup period, in our system - with persistent, accurate work and continuous learning - you will be able to make a good living for yourself and your family. Depending on that you work alone or with partner or assistant (and how lucky you are), your annual turnover can be 35,000 to 55,000 EUR.

From this income - with the adequate taxation - you will be able to pay a salary for yourself that is as high as if you worked as a medium or a top manager at a multinational company. But you will not need to suffer from the stress that comes together with such a position.

However the biggest advantage of this business is not the higher income. It's the higher safety.

Your income will not be dependent on one employeror one stupid boss who can fire you any time, or one or two big clients. Your income will come from 10-15 different customers, with whom you will have 2 year contracts. That means that you will be able to calculate your monthly income 24 months ahead.

Furthermore this income will never be lost, even if you get sick or hurt in an accident, and you get out of work for a longer period. After you get back to work you can fulfil the contract, and issue your invoice related to the missing period. Nice, isn't it?

We minimize your risk

Although this service is quite attractive for the clients thanks to the success fee, still it doesn't sell itself, we must sell it. In fact when we sell a service like this, we must sell ourselves. As not everybody is a born salesman, I want to reduce your risk. I don't want you to pay a lot of money for a know-how that you will see later that it doesn't suit your personality. Therefore I splitted the know-how fee in part payments:

1. At the signing of the franchise contract you need to pay only for the sales training. This is really low payment, not more than the price of any other sales trainings. After that you will be able to acquire clients.

2. When you managed the get your first client, you will need the know-how to find savings for your clients. Please note that our activity is not limited to getting the suppliers compete. Everyone could do that. We own a very sophisticated know-how how to find unnecessary costs, and modernisation opportunities in all cost categories. We do a very comprehensive analysis that no clients do at this depth. They don't know how to do it, or they don't have time for it. We know all the tricks that the suppliers use to get the clients trapped. We eliminate these tricks. And at the end we call for a competition naturally. So after getting your first client you need to learn the know-how, and you must pay for it. However at this point you know that you have 90% chance to get this investment back as you already have your first client. But this is still half of the total franchise fee only.

3. In order to help you building up your new business with the possibly lowest capital, you will be able to pay the rest of the franchise fee from your future incomes in 24 months. This is really unique among the franchises.

If you want to learn more about this special opportunity and the joining terms and conditions, please fill in the datasheet below, and the detailed info will be in your mailbox in a couple of minutes.

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The CostBusters Guarantee - We work for Success Fee!

Who we are

My name is Sándor Tősér, and I'm the owner of CostBusters Hungary Ltd.

I was born in 1965, and I graduated as electric engineer. From 1996 to 2005 I worked as a country manager of a Swedish and an English company. At the English company we supplied shelves to a big hypermarket chain. I got fantastic salary, but I had to sustain lots of problems:

- Although I had two diplomas, my English boss had none: he was a cook by profession (crazy, isn't it?). He knew shelving, but he had no idea about financial and asset management. I had to write lots of unnecessary reports to him, which he simply did not understand. He became our boss because the English thought that even an English cook knows more than these former communist guys like me.

- We were handled by the big client as negro slaves, rather than partners.

- The worst was that every Christmas time we had a fear, as we did not know whether the hypermarket chain would renew our contract or not.

When I became 40, I decided to stop this and find some own business for myself.

Then I found this idea: cost reduction for success fee. That time it was completely unknown on the Hungarian market. And I liked it very much, because I remembered well, that my foreign bosses permanently chased me for pushing the overhead costs lower and lower.

I thought: at last a business that really suits me! I always liked analysing tasks, and bargaining with the suppliers.

I also thought, that this service would be very easy to sell. Later I had to realize, that some services, that work very well on the well-developed American and West-European markets, need totally different sales methods in Eastern-Europe.

After the initial difficulties my business became successful. Now I make comfortable income, and what is even more important: I'm able to calculate with the income 24 months ahead!

I like my work very much. It's very inspiring, that my clients really take me as a partner. The operation manager of Copy General told this reference:

"The invoice from CostBusters is the only one that I pay with pleasure, because I know that the same amount of money remains on our account."

It shows clearly, that our interests are the same: the more I invoice, the higher my clients profit grows.

I'm sure, that if these methods work in Hungary, they will work in any other Eastern country including yours as well. If you want to start a new business for yourself, this has always a good market (even during recession). I can teach you everything I know. This way you can avoid all the traps which 11 years ago I walked in. And you can build up your own enterprise much faster than I could in the early years.

Please fill in the datasheet, and the detailed info will be in your mailbox in a couple of minutes.

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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

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